Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

To be the nation’s company of choice for manpower sourcing by delivering world class level of service.

Mission Statement

To be a reliable service provider with a great level of urgency and dedication for our clients while maintaining services of excellence.

CEO Statement

As a young company, we have grown leaps and bounds. Yet we are not stopping anytime soon. Currently we have around 200 full time operation and administration employees and we are still growing. With our dynamic and dedicated employees and stakeholders, we believe Glenhill Synergy Sdn Bhd would one day be a leading company in the manpower supply sector.

From just a stevedoring manpower supply company, the company has expanded into supplying manpower for the oil and gas sector. We are ecstatic of this new journey and confident that we will do well. With the continued support from our clients and dedicated employees, we will be a company to be reckoned with one day.

Yet our feet shall always remain firm on the ground and will continue to do our utmost best to serve our clients with urgency and dedication.

Thank you for your great support, let’s move forward side by side and grow together!

Azriq Ramli